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 When it was a crime to be


Italian-American writer-historian, Dr. J. Michael Niotta, has lectured on the enemy alien situation stateside during WIII through the Italian lens for Order of Sons & Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA) and the San Diego Central Library's Rebellious Miss Breed program. His second nonfiction title, The Fight Abroad & the Fear Back Home, covers the Italian-American contribution land, air, sea, and on the home front, and additionally looks at the treatment of Italian citizens living stateside during the war years.  

Click the image for Dr. Niotta's lecture on the Italian enemy alien situation stateside during WWII, San Diego Central Library, Rebellious Miss Breed Program, Oct 2021. 

The Fight Abroad COVER.jpg

Una Storia Segreta 


New Americans Museum, San Diego Exhibit, 2023

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