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The Work of J. Michael Niotta

In addition to his four published nonfiction titles, Niotta has a number of unpublished projects in various stages, including: Jack Dragna and Placido Rizzotto biographies; Pipe Wrench, a memoir delving into the author's experiences adjusting to life after serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom; The Business That Bound Them, a look at the relationship between Jack Dragna, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, and Mickey Cohen; Captured, a nonfiction noir tying Corleone, East Harlem, and Los Angeles (plus a screenplay adaptation); an early history of organized crime in SoCal co-authored with longtime mafia researcher Richard N. Warner; and Good Night, Good Time, a screenplay covering the double homicide that claimed the life of Los Angeles political gang boss, Charlie Crawford.

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"In The Fight Abroad & the Fear Back Home, Niotta's thorough research and in-depth interviews merge to create a read that is both intriguing and revealing"--Italian America, The Nation's Most Widely Read Magazine for People of Italian Heritage

Unpublished Works

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