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DOWNLOAD ONLY: The Devil's Doin' the Same Damn Thing He's Always Done.


Back in 2009, Gail Gray, Publisher of Shadow Archer Press, published some of my work in her lit mag, Fissure. Seeing potential, she decided to release a CHAPBOOK (pamphlet sampler) of my writing. The chapbook came out in late 2009, and the first 25 copies were hand signed.


Unfortunately, Gail fell ill and eventually passed, so the book is no longer available in print. Once I learned "The Devil" had been bootlegged digitally, and pirated, after her passing, I decided I should at least put up a copy. 


This is a reduced version of the chapbook (minus two works), which features short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and excerpts from an old version of my first novel, "The Ants, Thirsty" (unreleased). Though the original was dedicated to "Bars, Bad Jobs, and Worse Women," this release is being dedicated to a wonderful woman who put faith in my abilities, Gail Gray.


NOTE: My apologies for the quality; this is my own bootleg version, and accounts for why it is available for download at a reduced price.

The Devil... (chapbook)

$5.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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